Discover the Secrets to Overcoming Type 2 Diabetes

Is your type 2 diabetes defining your life?

Do you struggle with trying to manage your condition in an attempt to preserve a poor level of health that you’ve come to accept?


You don’t have to live a life determined by type 2 diabetes. You deserve better.

Discover the breakthrough treatment that has the power to improve your quality of life and overcome your type 2 diabetes. Armed with the help of attentive doctors and an individualized treatment plan tailored to their bodies’ specific needs, our patients have freed themselves from the grips of their disease, and have frequently been able to reduce and eliminate the need for prescription medications, including insulin. Our proven, patient-centered clinical approach has produced results that last—and they’re attainable for you, too. Don’t give type 2 diabetes another second of your life. Start making a change and begin living today!

Imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have to

  • Constantly check your blood sugar levels around the clock, day in and day out.

  • Empty your bank account paying for countless treatments like prescription drugs or insulin, which are damaging to your body and fail to resolve the root cause of your condition.

  • Struggle to keep up with your children, grandkids, or peers.

  • Be fearful of your volatile, steadily declining health.

We’ll help you understand WHAT contributed to the development of your type 2 diabetes and what steps you can take to proactively improve your health and change your life.

You just want to feel better.

Mainstream medicine uses the same set of treatments —each more aggressive than the treatment prior—to treat every patient as his or her health declines. We create a plan that is tailored to you and your body’s specific needs so that your body is supported and able to heal.


If your doctor has ever told you…

“It’s in your genes; there is nothing you could do to avoid it. Unfortunately, there is no cure.”

“Taking a regimen of prescription drugs and insulin therapy is the only key to slowing the inevitable progression of your disease.”

“You’ll be a diabetic for life.”

We’re here to set things straight. There is a safer, more effective treatment solution that does not require drugs and insulin therapy and can eliminate the cost of these dangerous treatments.

Diabetes Doctor Charlotte

Our unique, proven approach has achieved real and lasting results for thousands of type 2 diabetics like yourself. It’s time to reclaim your life and rebuild a healthy body.

Start Living a Life Free from the Limitations of Type 2 Diabetes.

Refuse to be a victim of mainstream medicine’s generic, ineffective treatment plans any longer. Address the root cause of why you are sick. Stop masking the symptoms of your disease.

Prescription drugs and insulin can make you sicker. You need to address the causative factors that led to the initial development of your condition.

You Deserve to Know the Truth About Your Current Treatment Regimen.

Drugs and insulin accelerate an existing and fragile insulin resistance that occurs within your body.

Did you know?

Type 2 diabetics aren’t insulin deficient. They simply aren’t able to effectively use the insulin their bodies make.

Know better, do better.

Pumping your body full of insulin only strengthens the chaos and dysfunction within your body.

Excess insulin can cause serious, often irreversible damage to your body that can be detrimental to your health indefinitely.

Sometimes the damage can be so severe that it may have fatal consequences.


Don’t overload your body with an overabundance of insulin.

Excessive insulin in the body can cause

  • weight gain

  • increased insulin resistance

  • high blood pressure

  • increased risk of cardiovascular disease

  • increased risk of developing certain cancers

Subpar treatment plans and inaccurate diagnoses often lead to unnecessary and severe side effects – even death.

You Deserve Real Results That Last.

Discover a safe, full-body, total-health approach that can FINALLY bring you the results you’ve been so desperately searching for. Become a diabetic success story. Get your life back.

Don’t let your diagnosis define you or your life’s journey anymore. Don’t accept type 2 diabetes as your fate any longer.

Our innovative clinical model is changing lives.

There is more involved in reestablishing your health than weight, diet, and genetics. These are the lies that traditional medicine wants you to believe. Come and learn about the complexity of what has caused your condition.

Our unique approach to care will

  • Reduce or eliminate the expense of prescriptions and insulin injections.

  • Provide you with a full understanding of the diet and lifestyle modifications needed for your body to heal.

  • Increase your energy levels naturally without the need for caffeine.

  • Reduce your risk for damages and complications that are common with type 2 diabetes.

  • Help you lose weight without stepping foot in the gym.

  • Improve your mood!

We’ll help you overcome your diagnosis through thorough custom care plans created just for you.

It is our promise to you that we will guide you on the path to recovery so that you feel confident, empowered, and supported.

You are important to us.
We look beyond your diagnosis and into the person.



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