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What do Novis Health clients have to say about their experience?

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Diabetic Patients












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“It has been an ongoing, great experience working with the team at Novis Health over the last 4.5 months. I began my relationship with them as a type 2 diabetic who had been diagnosed two years prior. The medical team paved the road that led me to become medication-free within 1.5 months of starting the program. I was not very overweight, but I have lost 12 pounds and feel great. I also understand my blood sugar now, so I can determine how my intake of certain foods affects my levels. The diet and the program are not easy, especially if you are used to living a certain lifestyle, so individuals who are considering this program must commit to making it work. The best thing of all is that I am in control of my outcome. Thank you!”


“I have been on the Novis Health plan for my type 2 diabetes for several months. I was actually quite skeptical about being able to follow the program or if it would even help. However, my glucose levels are way down, and my A1C has gone from 7.8 to 5.9. My doctor has even taken me off one of my medications since I’m doing so well. I can’t believe how supportive and understanding everyone at Novis Health has been. I’m looking forward to living a diabetes-free life. I know I will have to watch what I eat and drink in the future, but now I know I can do it.”


“When I first came to Novis Health, my A1C was 13.1, and I just felt tired and generally crummy all of the time. It took everything I had to get to work and come home every day. I had no energy at all. In my initial screening, I said, ‘I just want to feel like myself again.’ When I had my next A1C test after starting the Novis Health program, my A1C level had dropped to 7.6. I am now at 6.3, which is considered prediabetic. More importantly, I feel like me again and have lots of energy to do things that I couldn’t do last year at this time. I was just discharged from Novis Health after a year of guidance and treatment. I cannot say enough good things about the doctors and the ladies at the front desk. Everyone made me feel so welcome each time I was there. I highly recommend them!”

Physical Medicine Patients

Mary Ann

“I completed a Supartz Knee treatment this past January. It has changed my life – for the better, much better. 
Prior to the Supartz and physical rehab my quality of life was dominated by pain and increasing loss of mobility due to hip and knee issues. Constant pain, stiffness, popping sensations made walking and climbing stairs intolerable. Ibuprofen and occasional pain medicine just wasn’t doing it anymore. Fear of complex medical tests and potential severe consequences, like surgery, kept me from doing anything about this increasingly aggravating condition. 
I saw an ad for knee pain, was skeptical, but figured no harm done to check it out. Everything from the promised extensive consultation to treatment options seemed too good to be true. Fortunately, it was more than true. 
Because of the friendly staff and sincere caring attitude I looked forward to each visit. 
The Supartz treatments, decompression and rehabilitation therapy worked for me. I no longer have pain. I’m back to an active lifestyle. Additionally, I learned how to maintain this renewed fitness and strength. 
Thank you Novis Health.”


“A few weeks ago I “tweaked” my neck during a routine workout and within 3 days I could barely move my neck and was terribly uncomfortable and in pain. A neighbor recommended Novis Health and Dr. Evans. I reached out explaining my situation and despite having a packed schedule he fit me in the next day and I am grateful. I feel he was very thorough in reviewing my information, explained things in detail and made sure I understood the why’s not just the how’s and discussed a plan to get me feeling better. Within 2 days of my first visit I finally had relief after a week of agony. I continue to improve and appreciate that Dr. Evans treats the whole body not just the acute problem. I am highly impressed with the practice and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”


“I have finally found someone who understands what I am going through. For five years I have suffered with knee pain and recently I have hip issues. As my orthopedic dr told me “Your knees and your hip are shot. ” No doctor will operate on me because my body mass index is over 40. So six weeks ago I was on FB and saw an ad that promised to help with my knees without surgery. That was Novis Health. I gave my info and the next day Dr. Evans called me. The rest is history. I am a changed person. My knees are not perfect yet of course but my progress to me is shown in how I feel after about 6 weeks of therapy. Novis Health has changed my life literally. Because my body mass index is over 40 I have been struggling with losing weight so I can have hip surgery. For the last six months I have plateaued and had not lost much. I went to my primary care physician last week and I had lost 20 lbs in a little less than a month. After one more week I had lost 6 more lbs. I attribute this to my physical therapy at Novis Health. 
Dr. Evans and his staff have really changed my outlook on my medical future. They are so professional and they truly care about their patients. If you are suffering with knee pain, give yourself a present and call Novis Health. You will not regret it.”


“I have just finished my Supart injections along with physical therapy for osteoarthritis in my left knee. I was having significant knee pain and stiffness. I had difficulty climbing stairs and walking distances and was limited in a lot of physical activity. The treatment and especially the physical therapy has strengthened my whole body. The therapy that I have had in the past was specifically for the body part I had surgery on. The therapy that Novis Health provided was for your entire body. It definitely has strengthened my legs, arms and provided the support that my knees needed. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from weakness and osteoarthritis knee pain. It has certainly helped me. Their whole staff are very supportive.”


“I am a ER physician and have dealt with intermittent debilitating back issues that limit my activity and work. I have tried multiple other medical approaches and have been unsuccessful. I turned to Dr. Evans who was able to get me complete relief within a week. I was 90% better after the first day of evaluation and treatment. I am back to work and exercising without any pain. His entire process is top notch! He has a fantastic and charismatic staff. He listens to his patients and is extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend him for any chiropractic needs if you live in the Charlotte/Fort Mill region.”


“I am writing to recommend Novis Health on the basis of treatment of my knee problems. Dr. Evans,  and support staff, provide an excellent standard of care which is responsive to the needs I presented. I received a Surforce injection to my right knee, which worked to regenerate cartilage. It allowed my right knee to function normally, without pain. On the basis of this experience, I am returning for follow-up, and for a Surforce injection for my left knee. For me, regeneration which allows my knees to function normally is preferable to “knee replacement” surgery. I am so thankful to Dr. Evans and Novis Health for providing this constructive procedure. Novis Health is dedicated to overall health promotion.”