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You no longer need to feel as though you have to hide your symptoms because your doctor says your labs are “normal.” We know they are REAL.

If you or a family member has been suffering from symptoms of hypothyroidism, you have probably heard some of these go-to excuses:

  • “There is no cure for hypothyroidism; the only option is for you to manage your condition with the use of thyroid hormone replacement therapy for the rest of your life.”


  • “Your labs are “normal”; they indicate that you’re healthy by standard lab references.”

You’ve suffered long enough. You deserve to be heard, and we’re ready to listen.

We won’t ignore the root causes that led to the development of your condition. You’re not on a clock. We’ll work with you as long as necessary to isolate triggers and eliminate the condition so that your body can heal. It’s time you get the answers you need.

You’re fed up.

You’ve lost hope.

You want to feel like yourself again.

Charlotte Hypothyroid Doctor

Don’t accept answers like, “Nothing else can be done” or “Your symptoms aren’t real.”

Don’t submit and allow your condition to cause damage to your body or your life any longer.

Symptoms like the following are highly treatable:

  • Inability to lose weight despite your healthy diet and exercise

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Hair loss

  • Constipation

  • Infertility

If you don’t feel like you’ve been accurately or fully diagnosed, or if you feel you haven’t been given appropriate treatment, you’re probably right…

Something is missing from the traditional health care model.

It’s often a provider’s incomplete or less-than-thorough evaluation that largely contributes to high incidences of incorrect diagnoses, and—you guessed it—the inadequate treatment that makes you feel so lousy.

A one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it – you are unique.

To some traditional doctors, you’re just another appointment. They’ll prescribe a quick fix and move on to the next victim of a failed status quo.

But “quick fixes” can create serious damage to your body, accelerating and progressing your illness until it becomes irreparable. When it is finally seen, it may be too late to repair.


Have you ever found yourself wondering why you’re paying SO much for SO little relief?

It happens far too often, and we’re just as fed up as you are. We want to help. You’re more than a number; you’re a person.
Your case deserves the time and resources required to discover the root cause of your illness so that we can work together to support your body’s innate healing abilities.

Listen to your body.

What you’re feeling is REAL, and we want to give you REAL answers that produce REAL results.

Here are the facts…

  • There are more than 22 potential patterns of thyroid dysfunction and persistent hypothyroid symptoms. Typically, there are several causes that contribute to the development of a patient’s disease. ONE approach to treatment—one pill—will not resolve all of the contributing causes. For treatment to be effective, it must be tailored to you and your body’s needs.

  • Ninety percent of hypothyroid patients are diagnosed incompletely or incorrectly. We take the time required to do the job right. Without an accurate and full diagnosis, it’s impossible to effectively treat the condition.

Our clinical approach to treating hypothyroidism is unlike traditional models of care. It’s focused on accurately and fully identifying the underlying causes that feed your relentless hypothyroid symptoms. It allows us to create an unique treatment plan tailored to you.

It’s time to get the care you deserve:

Real Answers to Real Symptoms.
Real Action That Counts.
Undeniable Results That Last.

Don’t spend another dollar on ineffective and costly treatments. Begin a new journey today.


Call our office at 803.548.8100 today to see if you qualify for a consultation.

We will listen to your experience. We will work with you to deliver a course of treatment that will make you feel better. You deserve better. We’ve successfully worked with thousands of patients to achieve accurate and comprehensive diagnoses, develop personalized and educational care plans, and restructure their lifestyles to support a healthy body and a happy life. We have everything you need. You WILL:

  • Win your battle against weight gain.

  • Regain mood stability.

  • Have more energy as your body begins to heal.

  • FINALLY get your life back!


The results speak for themselves!

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